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Go with the flow: New Trends in Recruitments

Job Trends

It is 2014, and the world is growing at a rapid pace. In order to match that speed, we must adapt to the new changes that rule our daily lives. These modern changes include the trends that have been taken up by various companies to recruit new candidates for various jobs. These include:

Psychometric Analysis: This method is the best way to test the psychological strength and personality assessment of the individual.

A Skill Test: This is to test the candidates ability to adapt to the various pressure situations and yet be sure of the quality of output.

Case Interview: A case interview is conducted in a number of companies where the probable is presented with a business dilemma and his reactions to it are noted and assessed.

Screen Test: Telephonic interviews have been quite common, but video calling and conferencing is the need of the hour.

Computer Games: Yes, interestingly many companies leave the candidate with a tablet to play a computer game and the response is calculated accordingly.

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