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Go for it Prom Queen!


It is your big night and you’re confused what to wear? There shouldn’t be much to worry about, because here are the essential tips to make you look your best on your dream day!

– Remember that you are the prettiest girl on planet earth and a good dress can make you look only a tad better.

–  Always know what colour and dress-cut would suit your body and pick your dress according to that.

–  Choose the best matching accessories to add a little touch of verve.

– Style you hair in a girly way and avoid going for buns. Braids are hot, do a fishtail or a messy waterfall to make your tresses look even better than Rapunzel’s!

–  Shoes! Yes find your Cinderella-ish shoes in contrast with your prom dress and watch your Prince Charming coming your way.

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