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From promotions to advocating people, our Wolverine does it all.


Hugh Jackman, the man behind a display of vigorous and emotional identity of our familiar character Wolverine is again sweating his body for the promotion of new addition to X-men series under the name of “X-men Days of Future Past”. Jackman was heard recently on Radio 1 being interviewed by singing sensation Kylie Minogue who was very eager in taking place of Scot Mills on air.

Promoting his new arrival, Hugh mentioned that the movie is the biggest in the series in terms of cast and action. Talking about his second cancerous skin growth, he advocated people to go for daily checkups and avoid burden of such disease.

Despite of being busy in promoting his new movie, the 45-year old hunk looked quite energetic at the studios and talked about his co-star Jennifer Lawerence as a down to earth girl with a silent ocean like stable personality. Jackman was seen on the red carpet of Australian premier of X-men, days of future past along with his co-stars Fan Bingbing and Peter Dinklage few days ago.


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