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From giving directions to Driving your car, Google provides you with a glimpse of future.


It was two years ago when Google introduced their driverless operating system in Toyota Prius after gaining an issued license from the Government of U.S. state of Nevada. Prior to their previous attempts, Google technicians have decided to take a step ahead as they carried out a 30 minute ride around the streets of Mountain View, California few days ago.

Although the driverless technology is yet to be made available to common man, but Google team has decided to lend their hands in offering people help by transporting them in unusual but comfortable driverless cars. Google is able to incorporate high end technology for the purpose of converting normal cars to drive their routes on their own. Use of roof mounted laser sensor revolving ten times per second and gathering 360-degree view of the car and its surroundings is on such remarkable feature used by Google technicians.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google seemed pretty much sure about the fact that such technology could be available for commercial practice by 2017.


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