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Formula One in Vehicles for Public Use in UK


Sooner you will see the Formula 1 technology in the vehicles for public use. Recently the proposals are made to use the F1 technology in busses and other motor vehicles to make them energy efficient. The diggers and buses are the first among the £1 billion funding scheme to transform UK to a global leader in environment friendly vehicle technology.

Resurgent Jaguar Land Rover is leading with the investment in British plants by Toyota, Nissan and BMW. These industries have already performed miserably in European automotive sector as they focused only on technology and high end vehicles. To regulate F1 technology projects, four will receive £28.8 m to support the grand investment of £133 m. The car production by the top manufacturing firms in UK is estimated to be 2 million in 2017. By announcing the funds for using F1 technology in vehicles, government has targeted the industry to lag Germans and Europeans. It mirrors similar initiatives to enhance the aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

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