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Scale Your Email Marketing Knowledge


How good is your Email marketing Knowledge? Is it good, Excellent or you need to do some real practice, let’s check what it is! Answer the following questions in yes or no & check in which category you fall:

Question 1 : Do you consider Spamming words as a bad thing for your Email marketing campaign?

Answer : No! Because things don’t work as they use to years ago! ISP’s and ESP’s do their work and delivery totally depends upon the interaction rate not on the count of spamming words!

Question 2: Is Email marketing dead now?

Answer : No! Clever minds can derive powerful revenue with key performance indicators that categorize the impact on bottom line.

Question 3 : One should let the industry standards to decide the Email delivery time?

Answer : If you want to have average output then it is Yes! The answer will be no if you wish to have optimal results.

Question 4: Do you think that Customer is the King?

Answer : Yes!

Question 5: Is the repetition of Email good and do the customers like it?

Answer : True, if you want just response but it’s a big no if you really want to do some business with customer satisfaction! Let the customer respond for the one you have previously sent.

Now how’s your Email marketing knowledge! If you have answered 1-2 correct answers – you have to work hard! If 3 are correct – you are good! And if 4-5 are correct – Excellent!

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