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Guidelines to Maximize Your Business


Email marketing is a powerful tool for your small business. It can drive traffic to your website and responsible for increasing sales and build brand loyalty, and more.


A/B Testing!

A/B Testing is the simplest and most straightforward testing method available and provides different versions of an email to statistically significant groups of subscribers through the process. You can produce more precisely actionable data by A/B testing emails with multiple versions.

Running simple A/B tests like this through email marketing software can help you continually optimize your emails to improve results.

Analyze your DATA!

Most of the email marketing software providers offer at least some form of numeric feedback. Generally, when you send an email and you get data on who opened the email, who clicked, who opted out, and who marked the email as spam.

Email marketing data is most valuable when you use it to learn about your subscribers and adjust your strategy according to your conclusions.


Hence, email-marketing software is more powerful if you take full advantage of the tools available to you.

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