Facebook Now Officially Showcases Vertical Videos in Mobile News Feeds

Previously vertical videos were cropped into squares when displayed in people’s news feed, and people had to click to see the vertically oriented version. Not anymore. Now vertically formatted videos, including ads and Live broadcasts, will appear as vertically formatted videos in iOS and Android ..

Facebook Firehose
Facebook Opens Its Data Firehose To Opt for Advertisers

Facebook is finally making its firehose available to a select group through Topic Data, a new analytics tool. It will only be used for general insights, not targeted ads. But, Topic Data will only be available in the UK and US to a "limited number of DataSift's partners" and all partners will be ..

facebook bing
Facebook Ditched Microsoft’s Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing

Facebook has ditched the Bing, a search engine, in concern of a proprietary engine. This move will allow this social network to focus the results on comments, photographs, and other information on its bionetwork. Now, Facebook has been focused on helping people to find what's been shared with the ..

Pinterest DIY Project – Calling All Gentlemen to Link-Up Their Business!

Even though, it’s an inception for most of you, but Pinterest is sure for its DIY projects. Most of the previous content targeted to females. To change this perception, Pinterest expands its functionality to embrace more topics of interest appealing to men. Wondering survey report of comScore l ..

Get Faster Access to People and Jobs – Master LinkedIn

LinkedIn holds the title of largest professional networking site having more than 330 million user profiles. To say thanks for such an assortment of users and their interest, LinkedIn improved the functionality of its search. LinkedIn launched its new search architecture which makes your search bet ..

facebook privacy policy
Track Online Searches Out of App – Facebook Updated Private Policy

An updated privacy policy of Facebook says “We can now track your every move, even when you're logged out of the app”. This change in policy is aroused like a knife in the heart to the privacy-aware users. New policy will let the platform gather data about you from across the internet and wil ..

SMM and SEO – Jointly Works Better

Despite the suggestions of industrial experts, social media has a noteworthy influence on SEO. Re-tweeting, commenting, sharing, etc are not used by Google to gauge out business reputation. Ranking results are independent of social (only) status. According to Google, social is not a gesturing pla ..

A Fair Strategy to Sell Your Business!

Everyone who is selling something or is looking for something to buy, now prefer to search their existence on the internet. Social media marketing has provided a medium to sell your service even if you don’t have an official business website. It’s been easy to judge business quality and the popu ..

social-media marketing
Shockproof SMM for a bumpy ride!

Social media marketing strategies never remain static, everything keep on updating frequently! This makes it important to re-evaluate everything that you think will benefit your business once in a year or at least quarterly. Being aware of the updates is a wise step, which you can take to move towar ..

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