Reputation management
Familiarization with How The Professionals Do Online Reputation Management

Being in control of your image is an excellent mania few public figures have. Embarking upon what people say about you is a harder task– and this challenge broadly falls under the classification ‘reputation management’. Strategic tools certainly help the big brands or companies with losing ..

good online-reputation
Being “Off the Grid” May Scratch Your Online Reputation

Negative reviews impact the business; social media missteps impair an applicant chance of begetting the services, and online stories (true or otherwise) put an ill-treated appraisal personally and professionally. So many professional people have no control of their online reputation – on-purpos ..

Online reputation management for hotels
Reputation Management Cited As Key Investment Trend For Hotels

A forthcoming report says that hotels are looking at online reputation management as their key investment area in 2015. The latest TripBarometer report from TripAdvisor surveyed thousands of hotels around the world. It found that managing a property’s online presence is likely to receive the mo ..

Online Reputation
Take Control of Your Image Online

With mortifying images of you topping the search results on various search engines, will a company hire you? What if your spouse-to-be finds undesirable images which portray you as a bad person? You shall never be able to score a date for yourself! It’s okay, stop looking so gloomy! Here are th ..

ORM Professionals
Listen To Your Customers! – A Way to Organic ORM

Reputation is something that takes years to flourish and it is the only thing that makes the customers to believe in what you offer. When we talk about online reputation, it is something important to maintain if you want your business to survive in this advanced era. Even those companies with very g ..

Online Reputation Management-5
Online Reputation Management Rx

Many entrepreneurs and marketing executives fail to understand how poor and negative online reputation can damage their company’s sales and image too whether your enterprise is small or large. Reputation Management Tactics! Own Your SERP (Search Engine Results Page): Taking ful ..

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