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Digital Marketing – What you are doing wrong?


Marketers are still confused when it comes to digital marketing. Digital marketing is very important as it is a method to connect with customers and to stand out in the market. Watch these important points that you should keep in mind!

1.  Live Chat, nobody’s around – How many times have you seen a picture of a smiley and a label, “How can we help?” You open up the live chat box, type in your question and are then left hanging. Live chat is a good idea offering consumers a 24-hour written response, but somebody has to be there. If not, remove it, quickly.

2.  Landing pages aren’t being used -Landing pages focus on a specific message and request a single action from the visitor. Use Landing pages

3. You’ve spent money on building digital assets  Facebook page, Pinterest,Twitter, Line, Instagram and may be media. You don’t need them all, rather it is much better to launch fewer assets and keep them updated.
4. Not Doing Mobile and Tablet Optimization

We all see interactive reports but we don’t spend time to really really dig into all the data being thrown at us on a daily basis? Invest in people and time to take your business to higher level.

5. Posting Pictures From Google: Fail – It is the first thing we do if we need to search for information, images, videos, and general content. But we forget about that little thing called the law. Don’t use copyright images or videos.


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