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HEDD – Uncovering Grading Frauds


HEDD (Higher Education Degree Datacheck) has recently spotted issues in 1 out of 10 degrees from different universities that graduates carry while appearing for job interviews. Yes, it is a bit shocking when Jayne Rowley (HEDD expert) mentioned that they have found fraud evidences comparatively more than the honest mistakes. She also mentioned that many of them are still undetected!

The most common error that is been spotted in the degree certificates is grade inflation, first class grade is marked in the certificates to those who had actually scored lower grades. This organization has covered over 16 universities and more are going to be added to their bogus institution list! But the most effective step that can be taken against this mishandling of education system should be taken by the employers, as according to Ms Rowley, “It’s incredibly important that employers validate who they are recruiting.”

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