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Dazzling End to an Unexpected Barclay’s Journey


Following the end of the season, it was not unexpected to see another turn of events during the last month of the Barclays Premier League which ended with Manchester City as winners.

The stage was set in the final round as Manchester City faced West Ham in their home crowd at mighty Etihad which erupted with fans shouts as referee blew the whistle for full time with 2-0 as result.

Liverpool, being considered as favorites for the title race could not emerge well from their home game defeat with Chelsea by 3-0, finished their season as runner ups. Although they played well in their last game (2-1) against Newcastle and the “beast” as they say, Luis Suarez won PFA player of the year award while scoring 30 goals in his 31 premier league appearances.

Arsenal ended their season with a disappointing conclusion at 4th position. The gunners will however, take a sigh of relief as they stay well in Champions League race for next year.

Chelsea after facing defeats from lower placed teams and win over strong teams like Liverpool and Arsenal ended up at 3rd place with a win over Cardiff City in their last counter of Primer League.


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