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Dandruff – A Flaky Storm in Your Head!

Dandruff free hair

Are you unable to stop your fingers from reaching your head to scratch the scalp even when you are under spotlight and dry white flakes always ruin your clean hairstyle? Yes, it is dandruff and it is due to scalp dryness or excessive oil secretion on the scalp. Here is a list of few things that can help you in getting rid of flaky layer on your head –
– Moisturize your scalp once in a week by using natural oils (Olive, mustard, coconut).
– Wash your head thrice a week by using mild shampoo and rinsing well with water.
– Use the Fenugreek seeds or Neem leaves water to wash your hair; it is good for scalp and keeps the infections away.
– Always use Luke warm water to rinse your hair – Extra hot and Cold water makes the strands ruff and increase the scalp dryness.
– Condition your hair with lemon juice, naturally aged vinegar, coffee, raw eggs, or henna paste.
A little and regular care of your hairs and scalp can help you have healthy scalp and shiny hairs.

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