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Coachella 2015: More than just Fun

Coachella 2015

Kylie-Jenner-Coachella-2015-PicturesHot Fashion at Coachella 2015Isn’t being a celebrity fun? The apparently infinite supply of money, women and men all ready to throw themselves at you at just a wink and not to forget, being a fantabulous person.


Hey, apart from all this, the best part is that you get to go to some of the swankiest and fancy things like Coachella festivals. A perfect place where you can easily pretend to be dead edgy when in reality all you are trying to do is pretend to be dead edgy when In fact you are trying hard to get your head off the dry field and listen to someone chirrup over a loudspeaker ten acres away.

What a life, huh? If you are incensed with envy over not being there at Coachella and rather stuck up in front of a TV set watching some mommy show, we give you a chance to brush up through the most happening snap and catch a glimpse of what your favorite celebrity was up to.

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