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Cara Delevingne Is Heartbroken After Her Split From Singer St. Vincent

INF - Cara Delevingne Hangs Out With Rumored New GF St. Vincent In NYC

Instagram is all sad this week with Cara Delevingne suddenly sharing pics that makes a bad sense of reportedly her split with short-term girlfriend, St. Vincent.

The 22-year old is said to be completely shattered and heartbroken after ending her relationship with the singer, who she is seeing since February, stating the old ‘work commitments’ being the reason.

A source from the set of Cara’s upcoming movie ‘Suicide Squad’ told that she’s been upset and distracted this week and anyone can easily tell that.

Though a short relationship, but people close to the super model claim that she was head over heels over her girlfriend and that they had this real connection.

However, Vincent thought she was always a second priority than Cara’s career and wanted more of her time.

Our poor Cara is said to be shocked and left heartbroken. Now that’s sad, eh?

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