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Can Microsoft create buzz with “Windows 10” to get back in the game of Mobile OS?


With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft believes that it can get ahead in the race of OS war. While 90% of the PCs in the world run on Windows platform, the smart phones and tables that run on Google Android and Apple iOS dominate the market with 97% share. To win the mobile market battle, Microsoft comes with the ambitious plan called “Universal apps”. At least in theory, the plan is to run same apps on any screen, whether it’s smart phones, tablets and laptops or desktops, but with one condition that device should be running on windows 10.

Due to the poor response of Windows 8 OS in smart phones and tablet market, App developers turned their faces from windows 8 mobile platform. App developers make Apps for popular Android OS and Apple iOS that generate good revenue for them. Microsoft is trying to push Windows 10 hard by claiming that the work of developers will get easier now. App developers have to make only one app called universal app that will work on all the devices powered by Windows 10 OS. The company also, assuring that the new Windows 10 OS will come with new feature and technology to run universal apps flawlessly on any device running on Windows 10. Only the future will tell that how many app developers get convinced by Universal App theory of Microsoft.

PC market for 2 decades is dominated by Microsoft with 90% plus share. But if the company is not being careful to keep the Windows attractive by adding new features and technology, it may lose its edge in the market. Soon the Google Chrome and Apple OS that already won the Mobile OS battle, with regularly, steady improvements, enriched new features with stable and glitch free OS, will present the biggest threat to Microsoft in PC and laptop market too. Can Microsoft’s ambitious Windows 10 plan help to stand strong against Android and Apple in Mobile OS market? At least, their future sales figures say so “By 2018, Microsoft hopes to have more than 1 billion devices running Windows 10”. Let’s hope these figures magically meet Microsoft growth.

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