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German Business Giant, Siemens Plans To Cut 4,500 Jobs

German multinational conglomerate company, Siemens plans to cut 4,500 jobs or about 1% of its global personnel, months after it announced plans to lacerate more than 7,000 jobs. The news came because quarterly profits are down 5% at €1.7bn (£1.3bn). According to company higher-ranking the prev ..

nuclear collaboration
UK collaboration to promote nuclear careers

Three nuclear skills-related organizations - the Nuclear Institute (NI), National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) and the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) - have collaborated with each other to promote careers in the UK's nuclear energy industry. The three partners have si ..

Wipro- To Hire 150 Sales Staff In the U.S

Well! At Bangalore, Wipro confirmed some interesting news that they would hire 150 front sales staff in the United States. Over the next 3-5 months, Wipro will have hired fresher as well as skilled sales experts to build up its team in the cities of the United States. The Bangalore based company ..

Job Trends
Go with the flow: New Trends in Recruitments

It is 2014, and the world is growing at a rapid pace. In order to match that speed, we must adapt to the new changes that rule our daily lives. These modern changes include the trends that have been taken up by various companies to recruit new candidates for various jobs. These include: Psychomet ..

Project Manager
The 12 Key Attributes of a Project Manager

More than the experience and educational qualifications, there is a list of twelve essential qualities that a project lead must possess which include: 1) Presenting a clear picture in the minds of the team members. 2) Setting up the level of enthusiasm and passion to achieve the vision. 3) ..

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The Best Jobs for College Students

Almost all college students work part-time in order to earn a little extra to fund their education and support their parents with their fees related to their textbooks, food and even transportation. There isn’t any ‘get rich quick ways’ to earn money so keep in mind that you will have to work ..

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6 Steps to Career Wreckage!

Whether you work in a multinational firm or in a small-scale industry, you are bound to make mistakes. If you’re lucky enough, even the greatest of blunders and transgression is excused, but if your luck does not favour you, your misdemeanours may lead to the end of your career. Here’ ..

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As the title exclaims so loudly, hereby I present you with reasons why you should quit your job. Read on to know them.
  • If the only person in your company to have a good salary is the chairman, take the hint.
  • You just can’t get along with your co-workers? Why are you tolerati ..

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