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Braided Beauty or Twisted Curls?

Summer hair trends

Summer is the best time of the year. You get to wear the most stylish clothes with your favorite flip flops. But when it comes to managing your hair, many people would think otherwise. There’s the problem of frizz and then there’s oily hair. Don’t make that gloomy face, read on for the top summer hairstyles that would make you look like a diva 24×7.

–    A messy fishtail braid is always the classic way

–    A high knotted-bun gives your face a sleek look

–    Semi-tied loose curls – the WOW look!

–    High rock-star ponytails

–    A milkmaid hairstyle is also back in trend

–    The butterfly ponytail is one that you can go for when in a rush. Ready in a snap!

Follow the above advice and rock-it in summer style!

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