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Blac Chyna Digs at Kylie Jenner With Big Pout After #LipChallenge Goes Viral


This week was insanely terrifying with #KylieJennerLipChallenge going viral with people suctioning their lips using weird things like water bottle in an attempt to have a similar pout like that of Kylie Jenner.

After witnessing some horrible results on Twitter, it appears Blac Chyna is using the hashtag to pick a dig at Kylie herself.

So does that mean the feud’s still on? We’ll take it for a yes.

Blac, 26, seems to take quite a mean dig at Kylie and that hashtag when she took to Instagram yesterday and posted a photo of herself showing a rather larger pout.

But what a relief it is to know that Blac chose to take up a fake pair of lips and captioning it with lips emoji.

She later posted a pic of ‘Wack-O-Wax’ lips that are candy product made from flavored wax.

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