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Best Way to Cure Garlic Breath


Great news for lovers of Italian food and pretty much any delicious, aromatic cuisine. Researchers at Ohio University say they’ve found a few simple and effective cures that will actually cure garlic breath– or significantly reduce its oral potency. And no, it’s not chewing gum or mouthwash.


The team found that “raw apple and raw lettuce decreased the concentration of volatiles in breath by 50 percent or more compared to the control for the first 30 minutes.” Mint leaves had an even higher deodorizing effect on all the compounds measured. But in its juiced or heated forms, mint was not as effective as juiced forms of raw apple or lettuce. The researchers suggest that raw foods are better at breaking down garlic’s volatile compounds because they contain both odor-eliminating enzymes (which are significantly reduced during heating or cooking) and phenolic compounds, which work to counteract garlic’s potent compounds.

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