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Bernard Hopkins – 49 Years Old and Still In the Boxing Ring!


The oldest boxing champion aged 49, Bernard Hopkins is still on! He has not only performed extraordinarily inside the ring but he is also a great philosopher. In his recent interview, he explained the role of luck in his life and how he utilized the opportunities that arrived on his way to success. In other words, he explained how he achieved his current position in this world.

When he was comparing his life with millions of blacks living in America, he seemed like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, preparing himself up for an execution. However, he has achieved the respect and right to stand up from his base.

Hopkins started when he turned 30 by winning his first world title in 1995 before safekeeping his middleweight crown 20 times continuously. On Saturday, he protects the IBF light – heavy weight crown against WBA star champion Beibut Shumenov in Washington DC.

Now the question is, Would Hopkins beat Shumenov, who is about 19 years younger than him? Will he be able to achieve the title of the oldest boxer to have both weight division? The Boxing match between these two will decide who the champion is!


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