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Avocado – A Fruit Packed With Nutritional Goodies


Do you think Avocado’s 14.1 g fat and 138 calories makes it one of the improper foods that should be avoided! You have judged it wrong by just focusing on its fat value and calories count because it has abundant of healthy compounds! Here is the list of good things about this alligator pear –

– As Avocados are good source of lutein (a carotenoid that act as a rich antioxidant), it is beneficial for eyes and protects them from various ailments.

– Well-balanced amount of nutrients, which will let you feel satisfied and keep your digestive system running.

– Consists of all recommended supplements that are suggested to a pregnant woman by a physician to keep her unborn baby safe and healthy!

– It is proven to be effective to lower the heart attack risks in those individuals having family history of heart ailments.

– Good amount of oleic acid in avocado can help in controlling cholesterol level in body.

If you still want another reason to consider Avocado as a good food, then you will be pleased to know that it has a great taste that can enhance the flavor and consistency of your meals.

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