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A Pinch of Crazy Pink Pastel


If you are not including pink pastels in your makeup yet, it means you are not following the proper trend of this summer. Adding pink pastels in your makeup trends are not bad at all. In fact, this fashion tip is for all. Embrace your beauty with minimal makeup in this summer.

Add Pinch Of Pink On Your Cheeks!

Add a pinch of pink color to your cheeks! You will look amazingly beautiful and stunning. Go for a minimal make up like an actress Kate Hudson. She is looking pretty! A hint of pinch on cheeks is not bad in this summer. Apply it!

Light Pink Gloss- Nailed it!

A light pink gloss is one of the hottest trends for this summer, soaking lips in a pink lip-gloss in the super chic shade. Nailed it!

pink lip gloss


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