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5 Quick Tips to Launch Your First E-Mail Marketing Campaign

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E-mail Marketing is the growing trend these days. Especially, if you are a start up, you will be surprised to see how this simple marketing can entirely change your current position in the market, applied you do it right. So, here are the 5 quick tips that will help you kickstart your email marketing campaign and give a boost to your business:

  • Go mobile: Forget those days when people used to read their mails on PCs or Laptops, they have gone mobile now and therefore you should too. Therefore, it is important that you should optimize your email newsletter for mobile viewing.


  • Put an interesting subject line: put a compelling subject line that persuades the reader to open it. You can use call to action or any interesting offer headline could be the subject line if it is relevant.


  • Give a personal touch: A catchy headline with interesting content can alone do this task very well. Certainly, when people open mails, they want something that’s worth their time and need. So, entice them with some unique offers, deals and content worth reading.


  • Choose the right time to send E-mail: Choose the time to send email depending upon your target audience’s location or when they are most likely to read it.


  • Analyze performance: Now that you have started your campaign, it’s time to analyze the performance, clicks, open rates, conversion rates and more. Compare them with your goals and find out the areas of improvement.

Hope these simple strategies will help you get most out of your E-mail Marketing campaign.

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