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22 Jump Street


They’re back and not 21 anymore!

Release Date: 6th June, 2014 (UK) and 13th June, 2014 (USA)

Star Cast: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube

Director: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Prequel: 21 Jump Street

Jenko and Schmidt are back to team up together as under-cover agents at a local college. (Channing Tatum female fans will have control their emotions: Step Up Flashback). This June, Jenko and Schmidt are coming back with their Boss – Ice Cube, for another drug bust and experience the college life once again. Now, the two important things they need to focus on include solving the case and also figure out if they are ready for a mature relationship. It is college fun reloaded!

Watch The Trailer Here:



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